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Here’s in  brief the history of my life:

I’m Angela  and I was born and bred  some years in Novara ( Piemonte). Then my parents decided to get back to Sicily and I grew up on a   small mountain village in the Madonie park : Polizzi Generosa . Nothing incredibly exciting happened there and for this reason I decided to move in an other city where I  live happily: Cefalù . A  beautiful medieval town,  included in  the World Heritage List in 2015 I was a smart girl  in school and I loved to learn . I like music and books , animals , dance and most of all to know people and get in touch with the real soul of a place.
I also love photography , gelato and writing . And naturally  I like to travel and everything it’s in between.
I have a wonderful family with 2 beautiful sisters and now 2 handsome brothers in law and 2 adorable and amazing nephews.
It was in high school that I decided the travel world  became my work  and at the age of 24  I quit my University  to follow my dreams of traveling the world and building my own business .
It all seemed crazy, especially because I was young and not rich — but instead of pursuing a standard career, I  wanted to set my sights on becoming a permanent traveler and a perfect connoisseur of my island ! It certainly wasn’t easy, and it took some time, but I eventually got there. With a ton of hard work and determination, as well as the idea  of  the achievement of my goals, I managed, piece by piece, to create my actual success.
Today, I am a successful Travel agent or.. as I love to describe  myself : a travel designer  living a not static  life style. And I love my agency : Sicily by Experts
Visit my web syte  www.sicilybyexperts.it and if you need to reserve a particular tour write to my team.

My wonderful family : my mother and father , my sisters , my brothers’ in law and my little nephiew ( in this one there is no the picture of my niece..)

Some curiosities about me
I’m not a full-time traveler though  .  In fact,  mostly of my time I work  in my agency and in a hotel  . As much as I love traveling and having adventures, I also enjoy coming home to sleep in my own bed, cuddle  my kitty and my little chihuahua and chat with my friends .
One of my past jobs when I was young  consisted of serve in a restaurant.
I love the scent of home food ( mama’s food is my preferite)
Spring   and the months of june and september is my favorite time of year.
I took caribbean Dancing lessons some years ago and still now I love to go dancing with my friends .
My favorite color is blue
I love glamourous things ..
and I’m an incredible romantic person

I work on this blog part-time and do some freelance writing  – when I’m not globe trotting or I’m not at my office.
I’ve visited lot of countries so far and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon, because I have still lot to see ..
Traveling can be sort of magical. It’s unpredictable and beautiful and sometimes downright confusing. But that’s the beauty of it — you never really know what to expect when you pack that bag and leave home behind. They are  the reasons why I’m still traveling today.
In all places I go my preferred mode of travel involves staying at charming  hotels, because I like “glamour things “. Sometimes I travel solo and other times my boyfriend comes with me.
I appreciate  delicious  food and good wine  – and if they’re served alongside a beautiful view, that’s even better.
I also love being outdoors and spend a lot of time walking when I’m in a new destination.

Mama while cooking – one of my exibition during the caribbean dance’s lessons – I have always something blue with me – my 2 little love :  the queen of the house Mrs JLO  ( the cat)   and my cute little Attila ( the dog)

What’s “Sicily in my pocket”  about?
I created this blog as a project to share my tremendous passion ,enthusiasm and knowledge for Sicily
In the vast ocean that is the blogosphere, I wanted to stand out and  inject a little magic that’s mine alone ,  about my Sicily. A Sicily storytelled .. a Relational Sicily .. a Sicily full of real experiences.
“I’m on a mission to show the authentic, relational, experiential side of my island and the places I will visit around the world.  I write for people that are looking for  the most intriguous things and charming places and want to discover the soul of a place ..I love  sharing  travel stories and advice based upon my personal experiences about  this beautiful and charming Mediterranean island and also aroud the world.
Generally  , I prefer to focus on the human interactions and the life lessons learned along the way, both of which are, in my opinion, the most valuable aspects of a  travel.
In this blog , I chat about amazing meals  I’ve had in nice restaurants  and share pics of beautiful hotels that I’ve been lucky enough to stay in or wonderfull places I have seen . I also share outfit posts, style inspiration and  my latest beauty favourites ,  special events and weddings ideas.
In all posts , I just want to dig deeper into what is that turns me on during a tour or a visit , and – this is my key! – When I visit and write I visualise myself  having the same impact on my ‘follower,’ because  Words have vibrations and can inspire people.

Some of my clients … clients that become friends … the relational side of my work .. I love My work and naturally I LOVE SICILY

With this blog , I plan to accomplish these goals :
> Inspiring people through my personal adventures and discoveries
> Sharing my  information-packed articles that will revolve around travel , restaurants, hotels,  recommendations, and tips
> Showing  the best types of experiences you can have  in my island and also around the world  and that will help any kind of traveler in planning a memorable getaway  travel

When  people  read my words I should like they feel  Inspired, Informed,  Intrigued.
I have myriad places I haven’t yet been to , that I  would love to visit (if I get the chance someday)  and I promise that every place I will visit I will post tips and advices at the same manner I do with Sicily.
I hope my blog can encourage and inspire others to discover this amazing and enchanting Island , which offers a wealth of attractions  and activities for people of all ages and backgrounds and most of all … that let my followers come back home with the feeling that they  have been ” sicilian” for a while.

I love to hear from readers! So.. be in touch .. write me .. comment on my posts..
You can also follow me on facebook and Instagram for travel pics and little updates.
Kiss and Hugs